Five Tips For a Successful Transfer to a University!

START WHERE YOU WANT TO FINISH—First, find out exactly what the requirements are for admission to the school and to the academic program you want to transfer to. Then, choose classes now at your current school based on what you know you’ll need in the future. 

BE ORGANIZED AND READY TO WORK HARD—Exploring colleges and universities to transfer to in the future is exciting and fun, yet it does take effort. In addition to general admission standards, like the number of credits you have taken and your overall GPA, there might also be additional requirements for admission into your major, such as specific classes, a portfolio, a personal essay or even an interview. 

TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF YOUR RESOURCES—Work closely with advisors at both your current school and, if possible, at your future school. Clearly communicate to everyone what your transfer goals are so that you and your advisors are all working in concert with each other.

ATTEND NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION—Don’t assume that because you have already attended college you don’t need to attend an orientation program for new students. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even though you are bringing college credit with you when you arrive, you are a new student, and you need to learn how to navigate the systems and resources at your new school.

HAVE A DREAM SCHOOL, AND A PLAN “B”—If your dream has always been to attend a nationally ranked and highly selective university, then develop a transfer plan for this school and pursue it with enthusiasm. At the same time, keep yourself grounded and keep your options open. There are thousands of truly excellent colleges and universities for you to consider. Just because you haven’t heard of a school doesn’t mean that in the end it might actually be the very best school for you and become your dream school!  

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