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From understanding your PSAT® score to writing the perfect essay on your college applications to decoding the MCAT® 2015; our Video Resource Center will ensure you’re prepared for all of your academic challenges.


Dying to ask your questions to an admission expert? Daniel and Jonah sat down with SVP/Publisher Rob Franek to talk all things college admissions, financial aid and much more.

Twinston Review Intro

Daniel and Jonah (high school seniors) talk to Rob Franek (SVP Publishing, Princeton Review) about all things COLLEGE. From how to get the best score on the SAT and ACT to how to deal with a bad roommate, the Twinston Review asks all the right questions.

Creating Your College List

How many colleges should you really apply for? Rob Franek tells the Twinston Review the ideal number and how to balance safety, target and reach schools.

How to Perfect Your College


Writing your college essay? The Twinston Review asks Rob what they should write about and more importantly, what they SHOULDN'T write about. Get going on the perfect college essay with these tips.

How to Ace Your College Interview

The interview is the MOST human part of the college application process. Rob Franek tells The Twinston Review the dos and don'ts of interviewing and the one thing you should NEVER say.

Financial Aid FAQs

The Twinston Review asks Rob about the FAFSA and finding and applying to scholarships. Rob tells them how to be FEARLESS throughout the financial aid process.

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