This comprehensive course offers content and strategy 
review in a classroom environment.

Our gold-standard SAT course 

Expert-led classroom instruction

Want your highest SAT score? Our expert instructors give you the tools to take the test with confidence.

Our Princeton Review-certified instructors lead classes in content and test-taking strategy for each section of the test, so you know exactly how to tackle each question. No matter the topic—math, reading, or both—Ultimate provides the tools you need.

TPR’s strategies definitely have helped me in boosting not only my SAT grades, as well as my confidence and performance in the actual exam.

—Ang Jian Jiunn , SAT Score 1540

Exclusive online instruction tools

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On-demand Lessons

140+ expert-created video lessons on any tested topic.

You’ll get access to 140+ online video lessons.

Got a minute? Want to review a concept you covered in class? With 140+ quick and engaging, expert-created video lessons, you can brush up on any topic you want, anytime.

Full Score Report

Informative feedback on your scores and where you should focus your prep.

Find out where you’re improving and where you still need to focus.


What’s my score?

What should I focus on?


By accurately sizing up your performance on practice tests and suggesting focus areas, our detailed practice score reports give you all the information you need.

Practice Tools

240 drills and 2000+ practice questions ensure you're ready on test day.

Practice makes perfect with online drills, questions, and tests.

Become ultra-familiar with the test over the course of 240 online drills, 2,000+ online practice questions, and 14 online practice tests. Interactive score reports show your areas for improvement so you’ll be able to efficiently work towards your goals.



Personalize your prep and maximize your time.

The Recommendation Engine makes your prep focused and productive.

Looking for a prep experience that’s just right for you? Our exclusive technology caters to your needs by analyzing your performance on drills and practice tests and prescribing the next steps to score improvement. Your prep will be more focused and fruitful than ever before.

World-class prep books

Every Ultimate course comes with a full set of printed materials to help you prep inside and outside the classroom.

SAT Review and Practice books


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